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Nama: Syahrini

Tanggal lahir: 01 Agustus 1982

Hubungan: Single

Zodiak: Leo

Lahir di: Bogor

Debut: Album 'My Lovely' (2008)

Syahrini, this singer from Bogor Indonesia enliven the music. His name began to crowded public discussion since the duet with Regine Hermansyah in the song 'Do not Select I'.
Syahrini duet with ex-ex-Kris Kristofferson's a concern because of their closeness as being on stage.
Before collaborating with Anang, Syahrini first single album titled 'My Lovely' in 2008. The singer was born August 1, 1982 relies on the song 'Lies' in the album. From there, Syahrini debuted as a professional singer. The album was made he would often get a gig bid.
Before releasing their own albums, she has joined a compilation album Chocolate Strawberries movie with the title track Love's gaze. Successful debut album, released mid-2009 Rini singles champion, will Dizziness Half Dead. This song is Syahrini own creation.
Successful debut album, released in May 2009 Syahrini second album. But the singles champion, Half Dead Dizziness first released in May 2009. Different from previous albums, the album is Syahrini own creation.
Sexy appearance to make a predicate Syahrini sexy artist. After a long time he was also awarded with sexy sultry it bears. He felt that the community knew him not because his performance in the singing field but because of its style sexy clothes.
White artist is slowly trying to change his appearance, although not one hundred percent totally changed.
Nabila Friend Syakieb started improving the quality of her vocal and trying to exist on the homeland music industry. Though her singing schedule solid, Rini did not forget to education. He was still completing his studies at the University Pakuan Bogor, majoring in Law. In fact, Rini plans to continue his studies to the level of S-2. She aspires to become a lawyer.
However, Rini wishes to continue his lecture had to be postponed because he has yet to have an empty schedule. Her days in a bid filled with singing. He did not want to waste the opportunity that came to him because he felt the opportunity had not come twice.
Not satisfied with singing, Rini tried acting. He helped show off his acting in the movie 'The Maling Kuburans'. Rini felt glad to be acting in a movie comedy. He took that as a new challenge for him.
Rini career slowly but surely continued to rise. Moreover, since him being my friend Lani duet. Both of them always appear on stage to different music every day. Anang and the premiere of Syahrini is when a guest on the show Dahsyat Award that was held in Mangga Dua numbers, some time ago.
Rini who uses the red dress is very fitted with Sam who was wearing a white shirt. Both are so appreciate the songs they bring. After the song ended, Anang Rini immediately kissed her forehead. Of course, Rini who knew nothing about it made menanu surprised by the tantrum is a widower with two children.
He could understand it after Sam gave an explanation of the meaning of those kisses. According to Sam, the kiss is an expression of gratitude to Sam who was willing to become friends duet.
Shortly after the incident, Anang and Syahrini mentioned have a special relationship. Moreover, when appearing in a music show, Anang Syahrini kissed back. And Syahrini not angry. He even claimed to have had relationships sitimewa. However, women who like sports, said riding privileges only to the extent of their relationship partners only.
Intimacy is always shown this pair in every stage of their actions make them both into the conversation. Even the mention of romance Anang want to repeat a duet with KD. However, Sam did not agree with that. He felt a lot of difference between Rini and KD.
Many are curious about the meaning Jasmine kisses to Syahrini. Moreover, the intimate scenes between them do not stop there. When a gig in Hong Kong, Sam returned to kiss the back of exposing kemesraannya Syahrini. Anang also Rini's hand. Anang Rini was praised as a beautiful woman.
Not only that, Anang also called Rini with mersra call 'My Princess'. Anang said there was no other intention with the title, unfortunately it was to Rini. He's just trying to establish a good relationship to Rini and build chemistry between them as colleagues.
The effort was apparently successful. Attendance Syahrini as friends duet Anang, apparently greatly affect the life and appearance of a widower with two children.
Since a duet with Regine Hermansyah in the song Do not choose me, Syahrini often compared with Kris Kristofferson. Not only the figure and beauty that are considered similar, sexy singers voice is also often considered to be nearly the same as Diva Kris Kristofferson. For Syahrini, assuming this would make him feel happy and proud.

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